Earth Weaving

For me The earth weaver is an an instrument of relaxation.You can make these as small or as
big as you want.You can do one by yourself or let your friends and family join in on the fun
in creating an earth weaver masterpiece in which every contribution is vital to the design as a
whole.It creates quite a bonding as well as a lot of laugh's and good times.As you can
imagine the design and decoration of an earth weaver is endless.

So grab the saw,the dog,a snack and a beverage and head to the woods.There is no better way
to clear the stress of life's daily toil than a nice walk in the woods.Find some good straight
poles and your half way there to creating a one of a kind Earth weaver of your own............Enjoy

My neighbors Earth Weaver

Send me some pics of your new earthlooms-Pleaseeee